They also produce a wide variety of leaves and wood which can be used for a wide variety of purposes

Trees are important part of life because they provide us with oxygen, food, shelter and shade. Trees also produce leaves and wood which can be used for various purposes.

Trees are one of the most common plants on earth. Termites eat the leaves and branches of trees, breaking them down into smaller pieces to use as a source of food and building materials.

The tree is a long-lived perennial evergreen plant with secondary growth. The trunk forms when some leaves grow at the top of an existing stem, which grows in diameter at ground level but then branches into additional stems to form new trunks that replace older ones above ground level.

There have been many different uses for the tree throughout history. Some of these include; fuel, building material, food source, raw materials for pulp and paper production, shelter

The Tree is a natural part of a forest. It has leaves, bark, wood and flowers. They help in the growth of other plants and it provides foods for animals.

The tree also helps in cooling down the environment by producing oxygen and giving shade to the ground.

Trees are not just needed for life on Earth; they are also needed for life off Earth. The trees act as habitats for plants and animals to live. This means that trees help maintain biodiversity on Earth which is necessary for humans too because without biodiversity there will be extinction of life on Earth.