A tree is a perennial plant that grows to varying heights and forms

Trees are found across the world and have an important role in the ecosystem.

Trees take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen as they grow. They also have roots that extract water and nutrients from the soil, which makes them a vital part of our life cycle. They are also valuable in urban settings as they provide privacy, shade, clean air, and natural landscapes.

Trees are a natural resource that provide us with oxygen, food and more. They are a part of the life in the forest and many animals depend on them for survival.

Trees have been around for centuries, with pictures dating back to 2500 BC in Egypt. They grow higher as they age and produce fruits or seeds which can be eaten by animals or harvested for food or used as fuel.

Tree leaves are also important because they help keep the climate stable by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air.

As we walk through the park, my eyes are caught by a tree in the distance. It is a lovely sight and I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before.

In that moment, I am struck with an idea to capture this tree in its beauty with a picture. As soon as I have my camera ready, I see someone else has already snapped the moment and they are slowly walking away from the scene.